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Chapter 2 deals with the shaping of cultural policy at the

It investigates different forms of the Ceauescu cult through which he tried to master time and to impose his image as an extraordinary leader, admirable continuer of the great Romanian rulers. Chapter 2 deals with the shaping of cultural policy at the beginning of Ceauescu rule. It focuses on the tense relationship between Marxism Leninism, nationalism and Westernisation and tries to see how the neo Stalinist cultural policy emerged at the beginning of the seventies and further shaped Ceauescu’s cult.

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While, samples of six mineral water manufacturing companies had been declared substandard, he added. Mr Mengal told the court that actions were being taken against manufacturers of unhygienic milk and water. Justice Saqib Nisar observed that the court would not allow anyone to play with the lives of the citizens.

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